Regional volunteer network in social services

VOLO for volunteers

Do you like helping others? Offer your company, talent, professional experience, or the work of your two hands for a noble cause! Experience the satisfaction of offering unselfish help to other people! Meet others who think like you, and work with them in a team! If you are older than 16, your place is in the VOLO team!

What is VOLO?

VOLO is a project initiated by Caritas Catolica Association form Oradea, which helps to bring together the need and offer for volunteering in social services in Bihor, Satu-Mare and Sălaj counties, through an online database.

How does it work?

Sign up for free online, or personally at our headquarters. Fill in the required information for your profile, and you can instantly browse amongst dozens of possibilities for volunteering. When you have found the project which fits you the most, by a few clicks you can contact the NGO and start working together. You can also receive invitations for joining a project from NGOs, based on your declared skill set and experience.

You have further questions?

Contact one of our program-coordinators:

Sebestyén-Sárközi Anikó ORADEA Tel.: 0721140393 E-mail:

Pásztor Rita Gizella ORADEA Tel.: 0722471644 E-mail:

Simai Éva SATU MARE Tel.: 0729984619 E-mail:

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